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How FAST® Works
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Living colonies, made up of millions of bacteria, called a “biomass”, occur in all sewage wastewater. In a standard septic tank the biomass remains free floating (or unfixed) throughout the tank liquid. Suspended throughout the wastewater, these bacteria spill out, untreated and unfiltered, clogging and damaging drain fields, adjacent site property and ground water.

Fixed Activated Sewage Treatment = FAST®

FAST® systems begin processing effluent by creating a strong air-lift inside the sewage treatment module. The air-lift pump and draft pipe continuously mix fresh air with incoming wastewater and cascade it vigorously across the FAST® Honeycomb Media – the heart of the FAST process.

Fast Sewage Treatment Honeycomb

The FAST® Honeycomb makes an ideal fixed home for the colony of bacteria. Growing on the honeycomb and receiving food from the wastewater and oxygen for growth from the airlift, the biomass eats (metabolizes) all the biodegradable waste matter that passes over it.

This cleansing bioprocess continues as the bacterial colony is supplied with food (incoming waste) and oxygen (the air). All organic materials, such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids are degraded by the biomass into simple carbon dioxide and water. A venting pipe allows for the release of air and non-harmful CO2 created by the process. Solids readily sink and settle out. The FAST 
system captures any solid waste materials in the bottom of the tank for normal pump-out and removal. 

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Owning a FAST® System

FAST sewage treatment systems are all extremely low maintenance.
FAST® modules contain no submersible pumps, screens, filters or moving parts to remove, replace or clean.

All FAST’s internal parts are made of  durable, long-lasting plastic not subject to deterioration. Please see MicroFAST®

MicroFAST Wastewater Treatment
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ModularFAST Wastewater Treatment