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Grease Interceptors For Today’s Active Kitchen
New BIG DIPPER® Grease Interceptors are the ultimate solution to all cooking grease removal in today’s commercial kitchen. Big Dippers replace any need for an old-fashioned messy grease trap.

They never require manual cleaning or expensive grease trap pump outs.

Automated BIG DIPPER® safely removes all fats, oils and grease from kitchen drainwater and deposits them into convenient containers for easy rendering (or sale).

…the grease trap eliminator

•Quality Construction
  state-of-the-art materials & stainless steel

•Fully Automatic
designed to operate continuously

•Environmentally Sound
protect health, property and business

Our flexible leasing and service plans make Big Dipper® very easy to own.
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Grease, fats and oils get into drains from food residue that is rinsed off plates and cookware. Unchecked , grease damages pipes, drains, sewer systems, septic tanks and drain fields.

The largest generators of grease in a commercial kitchen are the pre-rinse sinks and pot washing stations where bakeware and pans are washed.

BIG DIPPER Grease Interceptors collect and remove all fats, oils and grease from kitchen drain water before they enter the wastewater system and start to cause serious problems.  Please see Risk Management