Not a filter. Not a septic tank. No chemicals … Finally a better way
FAST® is the revolutionary wastewater treatment system that utilizes only naturally occurring micro-biological activities to metabolize all organic waste matter from households, recreational properties and commercial facilities.

FAST® treatment modules contain no submersible pumps, screens, filters or moving parts to repair, replace or clean.

The only output from a FAST® system is CO2 and clear, odorless water.

Eco-friendly FAST® is more effective, more reliable and more affordable than any other sewage treatment on the market today.

FAST® has been tested, approved and certified by environmental authorities across Canada, the US and around the globe.  Read more…
cleanwatercanada.com – There is an increasing worldwide awareness of the importance of fresh water supply and water quality. The world’s population is growing and projected to nearly double between 2006 and 2026.
People everywhere are recognizing the need for cleaner water technologies and infrastructures to protect fragile ecosystems. The future will bring more demand on fresh water supplies than anytime in history. Even in countries as water-rich as Canada, clean water is too precious a resource to ignore.
Modern FAST® Wastewater Treatments are a simple, effective and affordable means of reducing the environmental deterioration caused by the release of raw sewage wastewater into ecosystems. For more information:
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